Glass Eyes, 2023, camera action, 11’24”

“Lips moving with the whispers of pleas, confessions, and vows. Breaths of solitude.” I put forget-me-nots in my mouth, the symbol of us, people in love. So that one half doesn’t betray the other when a temporary parting comes to pass. With the pink carnation, I make you the one and only. Don’t let go of the white rose I’m giving you – tears are not always cold. You respond: I can’t see you close up, but can we look into each other’s eyes while our lips meet? When the kiss is genuine, the face is blurred. The contours become soft with the glazed look. 

The Dancing One, 2023, camera action, 01’55”

A silent party takes place in my body – intimate, internal, inconspicuous. A quiver of fear of losing you goes through my body like sensual pleasure. I’m caressing my cheek, you kissed it before saying goodbye. The movements of hands, longing for you, searching for you behind the closed eyelids. The feeling of powerful passion moves me deeply. The tears fade away. I’m dancing and hoping that after this ritual need of my body is fulfilled, I will be given anything I ask for. This is my worship dance around the thought of you.

Grounding, 2023, camera action, 04’30”

In the concrete forest, I find my body electrically indifferent. Momentarily electrified by rubbing against another body, it creates an experience that carries a huge emotional charge. Grounding makes it possible to leave the negative charge and accept the positive one for the future correct and safe operation of the body machine. So that it doesn’t identify with what has happened to it.

Hand Games, camera action, 2023, 03’43”

Why does the one who strikes first win? First, we share gentle caresses, tickling, and then, we take this advantage to strike with all the power at the right moment. What rules do we follow in this life game? Trusting Oneself is different to trusting the Other. To lean, you need to yield control. Let the hands wander, slide over the body, to find each other, clasped. There, clenched tightly in unexpressed anger. Here, joined in prayer, asking for shelter.

A Reflex Action, 2023, camera action, 01’57”

A natural movement of the body, protecting it from foreign bodies. How many sleepy days and sleepless nights must pass before I can bring up the unwanted milky-hued fluids? When I was a little girl, mum told me to eat dry bread when I felt nauseous – it helped unfailingly. This time, the crumbs intensify the sensation in the throat, and it cannot be reversed. 

Sticky Hands, 2023, camera action, 03’10”

Touch is a way of expressing feelings. He’s lying and placing his hand on her mouth. She uses one hand to take care of herself, and the other – to satisfy someone else. The same hand behaves differently during the day and at night. It can give support or hurt – depending on how much light falls on it. It can dazzle or frighten. It gives warmth and takes it away. The hand is touching me again.